Let's make a difference today!

When we stop caring. Our community dies.  Our future is dark. This is not a time to point fingers at who failed us; this is the time to rise, take initiative, and collectively collaborate with like-minded people to create action-based solutions. This project is powered by local business owners and citizens who care and want to make a difference within our local communities.  Ray Brown Group (RBG) is creating solutions by managing the dialogue, and expectations, with a sense of urgency, and we require your help with donations, and your time because when we come together, we are the Hope & Dream!

Our Supporters
Our Initiatives

Remove Homelessness
  • We understand addiction and the impact it can have on people's minds to prevent them from getting better.  Sometimes the hope is lost with some, but we feel with most of the people who are homeless, there is hope and a better path for them.  We as a community should not give up unless people give up on themselves.
  • To create affordable homes and jobs for them to earn a living. To create an opportunity for them to build skills, and their confidence and get them to eventually shine at their best.
 Our Teens
  • We have seen the highest rates of Suicides among teens across Canada for the past three years.  There is a reason for this rise in numbers and we can't just sit back waiting for the Government to step up and provide solutions, because they're not.
  • We need to create a safe space for them to feel inspired, and motivated, take accountability for the choices they made, and look at another way to define "Purpose to live."
  • We need to have a place/center where Teens can go and talk with people that will listen, and not regurgitate textbook analogies that don't work.
  • We need our teens active in creating positive changes around the community so that they feel they are part of building this city and neighborhood.
 The Parents
  • Most parents need help, that was not given to them a long time ago so that they can feel the same sense of purpose, love, and balance within their minds.  When anger, depression, and anxiety kick in, it stem from fear and insecurities, that don't exist, as its created by the mind, due to fear.  We address the fear, and focus on the positive authentic self of a person... and their purpose changes in life.
  • Parents once they are starting to get balance back into their lives and minds, there needs to be a constant conversation with their kids to heal deep wounds and misunderstandings, that only happen through conversation.
  • The loss of a loved one can take a toll on anyone's mind.  There isn't a safe place to discuss, that is what we are trying to change.
 More steps will be updated here soon.